Running an application as a different user

We launch the application on behalf of another user.

Launching an application asking for administrator rights

The function launches the application asking for administrator rights. As if it were launched from the context menu of the file - "Run as administrator".

Windows accounts, standard and virtual

In addition to the usual, standard, Windows has hidden virtual accounts. On their behalf, various services are launched and run in the system. With PowerShell , you can get a list of all accounts. Standard accounts get-wmiobject -class "win32_account" -namespace "root\cimv2" | sort caption |...

High-precision timer

A high-precision timer that allows you to measure the time spent on performing any operations. The timer is more than 1 microsecond accurate.

ATOL 90F - Error E000-136

Error E000-136 means that the shift at the checkout was opened more than a day ago. The shift cannot exceed 24 hours. To continue working, you need to close the old shift and open a new one.

The path to the file referenced by the shortcut

We get the path to the file that is launched by the shortcut.

Merge files

Merge any two files, regardless of their type.