Windows accounts, standard and virtual

In addition to the usual, standard, Windows has hidden virtual accounts. On their behalf, various services are launched and run in the system. With PowerShell , you can get a list of all accounts. Standard accounts get-wmiobject -class "win32_account" -namespace "root\cimv2" | sort caption |...

PowerShell - Find Text in File Contents

We are looking for a sample "rhino" in the contents of all files in the C:\Windows\System32\Drivers directory. The found results are displayed with the path to the file in which the sample was found, the line number where it was found, and the line itself....

Device installation forbidden by system policy

The error can occur when installing devices with unsigned, digitally signed drivers or specifically forbidden by group policies. We delete from the registry the branch with all existing prohibitions on the installation of devices.

Disable automatic driver installation in Windows

Disable automatic installation of drivers by the system from Windows Update. Disable

Remove Remote Desktop Panel (RDP)

To completely remove the remote desktop panel, select "Change" in the context menu of the connection file. In the settings window that opens, on the "Display" tab, uncheck the "Show connection panel ..." box. And then, on the "General" tab, save the connection parameters.  ...