Get the path to the application that opens the specified file

For the specified file, we get the path to the application associated with it.

Determine the number (index) of the disk by its letter

By the letter of the disk (volume), we determine the number of the disk in the system.

Delete file to recycle bin

We delete the file to the recycle bin without confirmation or any dialog boxes.

Get a list of share network resources on a computer

You can get a list of both your resources and any computer on the network. Including admin resources C$, D$ ...

Determine if certain keys are pressed

The function checks if certain keys are pressed. From one to a combination of three. Virtual keycodes are used as parameters. [Virtual keycodes]

Get the icon associated with a file extension

By the file extension, we get the icon associated with file type and place it in Timage.

Extract icon from file

Extract the icon from the file and place it in Timage. The icon can be obtained both from the exe file and associated with the file type.

Checking the file name for invalid characters

Before creating a file, check its name for invalid characters.

Get file modified date

We get the date and time of the last file modification.

Determine if a file is read/write

Determine the file's read and write accessibility.