Determine if the executable is running

On the path to the executable file, we determine whether it is running.

Get the file path of the parent of a process

By PID (process ID), we get the path to the file of the process that launched it.

Determine the bitness of the application

Determine the bitness of the program: 16-bit DOS, 16-bit Windows, 32-bit Windows, 64-bit Windows.

Run the application and wait for it to close

Launching the application and waiting for it to close. It is possible to specify the maximum waiting time, after which the function will continue to work without waiting for the termination of the running application. Hidden launch of applications without the appearance of windows, both...

Suspend / resume process

We suspend (pause) the process. The process remains in working order, but stops performing any of its actions. The process window, if present, also stops responding to any events.

Get output from command line or console application

We get the output of the command line and console applications. The output can be obtained both after the termination of the running application, and in real time, during the execution of long-term operations.

Save file from resources

Extract the file from the resources and save to the specified path.

Get the path to a process file by its PID

By the identifier (PID) of the process, we get the path to its executable file. [Get process ID by its name]