Frontol - PC and KKM time differ more than...

The error appears when there is a discrepancy between the time in the computer and the cash register. You can change the interval of permissible discrepancy, as well as enable automatic synchronization of the POS printer time with the time in the computer, in the frontol settings.

Allowed time difference for synchronization - synchronization will be performed only if the time difference is less (!) the specified value.

Synchronization method - available options: none, automatic time, automatic time and date, suggest time, suggest time and date.

Allowable time difference in open/when opening and closing a shift - if the difference exceeds the specified value, frontol will generate an error " PC and POS printer clock readings differ more than ... "

Manual time setting in POS printer

You can set the time in the KKM manually or synchronize it with a computer in the driver settings. Changing the date and time is possible only with a closed shift.

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