LAN - access to another subnet

In a standard network configuration, computers or any other network devices located in different subnets, for example, if the address of one is and the other is will not be able to connect to each other. There are two ways to solve the problem:

1. Install in the computer and connect the second network card. Give it an address from the range of the network to which we want to have access. That is, if the address of the first network card is, then in the second, for example, you can write

2. Register the second IP address in the network card for connecting to the second subnet:

Go to network connections (Win + R, enter ncpa.cpl) open connection properties - properties of the Internet Protocol version 4, in the next window, click "Advanced" (the main address must be set manually, otherwise you will not be able to add the second one).

Enter an additional address and save.

The computer now has access to devices from two different subnets. Accordingly, in the opposite direction, devices from both networks have access to it.

Author: admin