Disable updates in Windows 10

Disable automatic updates

We prohibit the "SYSTEM" account access to the file that is responsible for searching and downloading updates.

Размер: 12 B, дата: 20 May. 2021

Enable automatic updates

Размер: 13 B, дата: 20 May. 2021

In the Update Center, search and download can still be started manually.

Completely disabling the update service

Press Win + R, enter services.msc, launch. In the window that opens, we look for the "Windows Update" service, go to its properties (RMB properties), on the "Login" tab, change the login from the system account to the "Guest" account. This is a built-in Windows account, you can use any other one instead, as long as it has limited rights.

At the next boot, the system will not be able to start the update service, since the account we specified does not have the right to do so.

With the service disabled, updates cannot be installed even manually.

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