Connect a second monitor/TV to a computer

You can connect two monitors or a monitor + TV set to different video card outputs (DVI and VGA, DVI and HDMI), and to the output of a discrete video card and an integrated one. If you use an integrated card to connect a second monitor, you need to enable support for this functionality in the BIOS. It can be called something like Dual / Multi Monitor.

After connecting, you need to press Win + P and select the mode of operation of two displays.

Computer screen only: the second display will not be used.

Duplicate: the second display will completely duplicate the main one.

Extend: in this case, another desktop will be created on the second monitor onto which you can drag the necessary windows and work with them independently of the main one.

Second screen only: The main monitor will not be used.

If a TV is connected as a second monitor via HDMI, you can configure which device the sound will be output to. This can be done from the context menu of the volume icon in two ways.

If you select " Open Sound Options ":

If you select " Sounds ":

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