RDP Wrapper - RDP support in any Windows editions

The RDP Wrapper library allows you to enable RDP (Remote Desktop) support in Home and other editions of Windows where it is not natively available. You only need to enable server RDP support, that is, you need to install the library only on the computer to which you want to connect. RDP clients are available in all editions of Windows.

After installation, you need to check the status of the service by running RDPConf.exe. If everything is working correctly, the Diagnostics field should be green:

If the state is Listener state: Not listening , you can try to replace the file C:\Windows\System32\termsrv.dll with the file from the attached archive. There are old versions of termsrv.dll, new ones may not allow to establish a connection.

The system will not let you replace it just like that. First, you need to become the owner of the file and set full access rights to it. Then you need to rename it and copy our file there. After that, restart the computer and the system will load our version of the file.

If you uncheck the box from Single session per user , several users can connect and work to the computer at the same time, in different sessions, as in server versions of Windows.

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