Create an image/archive of the system in a command line

Create an image of the C: drive and save it to the E:

wbadmin start backup -backupTarget:E: -include:C: -allCritical

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-allCritical - indicates that in addition to the specified disk, the archive will include all service volumes on which the system boot depends, in order to ensure complete subsequent restoration of operability.

-backupTarget - archive storage location: it can be either a disk (only a disk, not a folder path), or a network directory (-backupTarget: \\ comp \ MyDir)

Additional keys:

-quet - without prompts for confirmation of operations.

-exclude - excludes specified folders and files from copying (-exclude: C: \ MyDir, C: \ Myfile.txt) but! does not work together with the -allCritical switch

The archive is created in the WindowsImageBackup folder, and in the BackUp ... subdirectory there will be a hard disk image file in vhdx format. The file size will not be equal to the whole disk, but only to the amount of occupied space. To view and edit its contents, in disk management (Win + R & gt; diskmgmt.msc), the image can be mounted as a normal virtual hard disk and assigned a letter to it.

How to restore a system from an archive: Restoring a system from an image/archive

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