Create a software mirror RAID 1 array

Mirrored RAID is created from two disks, the contents of which will be automatically duplicated and if one fails, a copy of all data will remain on the second.

To open Disk Management, where all operations will be performed, you need to press Wi + R and enter compmgmt.msc .

For example, we will use drives Intel (D:) 93.16 GB - the main disk with data and Gbyte (E:) 111.79 GB on which the copy will be created. The size of the second disk may be larger.

To create it, you need to convert the master disk to dynamic. The conversion takes place with the preservation of all data. The reverse operation, by standard means, is possible only with the deletion of the section.

To create a mirror on the second disk, you need to have unallocated space on it, which is at least as large as the main disk. Otherwise, the "Add mirror" function in the menu will be inactive. In this case, simply delete the existing partition on the E: drive.

Next, we attach to the first disk, as a mirror, the second disk.

After the operation is completed, a partition equal in volume to the first one will appear on the second disk, on which all data will be duplicated. Both drives will be labeled with the same letter and have the same name. In Explorer, as elsewhere in the system, only one disk will be displayed.

On the remaining unallocated part of the disk, you can create a partition and use it as usual.

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