Restoring the system from the image/archive

System recovery from an archive created by the standard Windows backup service is performed from the recovery environment (WinRE). There are two options for downloading it. You can either run WinRE located on the service partition of the system disk, or boot it from the Windows installation disk.

If you plan to recover your system to the same drive where it was installed, you can use both options. If on another, you need to use the option with the installation disc.

Recovery environment on the system drive

How to start: Starting Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE)

Sequence of actions in the recovery environment

After an automatic reboot, you need to log into the administrator account (in the version with the installation disk, this is not necessary).

Further, the recovery system will offer to select the desired archive from those found on the disks. The archive folder must be located at the root of the disk.

In the next window, the selection of disks will be inactive, since in this option the recovery is automatically performed to the old system disk.

After confirmation, system recovery will start.

Recovery environment on the installation disc

In this option, you need to immediately decide whether the system will be restored to the same disk where it was or to another. Since if the program detects the installed Windows, it will not give the opportunity to select the destination drive. And even if you exclude this disk at a later stage, it will give an error about the impossibility of the operation.

Therefore, if you plan to restore the system to another disk, the old one must either be temporarily disabled, or clean / delete system partitions on it.

When booting from the Windows installation disc, at one of the stages, you need to click "System Restore".

Further, all actions are identical to the first option, except for the next moment. Here, you need to leave unchecked only the disk to which we will restore the system.

The entire structure of partitions included in the archive will be recreated on the destination disk. Old sections will be deleted. If the disc is larger, the remaining space will remain unallocated.

How to create a system archive:  Create a system image/archive on the command line.

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