Insert a Unicode or ASCII symbol into the text

Windows has a utility called "Character Map" from which you can copy and paste characters that are not on the keyboard into your text. To open it, you can either press Win+R and enter charmap , or press Win+Q and find it in the search.

Inserting a character into text with a keyboard shortcut

If a character is included in the ASCII table, its code is displayed on the right, at the bottom of the window - Alt+0169 . That is, for example, to insert into the text the symbol © , you need to: hold down Alt, type 0169 on the numeric keypad, release Alt ...

Unicode character code, displayed at the bottom left. You can insert it in the following way: write in the text u+00a9 (or just 00a9 ) and hold Alt, press the X key. The entered code is converted into the character ©.

If a character is included only in the Unicode table, then it can only be inserted into a file in Unicode encoding.
Not all text editors support converting Unicode codes to characters with the keys.

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