Protect folder from deletion and change

Prevent all users from deleting the folder and its contents

icacls "C:\my_folder" /deny *S-1-1-0:(DE,DC) /t /c

Cancel the ban

icacls "C:\my_folder" /grant *S-1-1-0:(DE,DC) /t /c

Instead of the SID of the "Everyone" user group (S-1-1-0), you can use the name of any group or user (icacls "C:\my_folder" /deny Все:(DE,DC) /t /c)

/deny - deny
/grant - allow
DE - delete
DC - & nbsp; deleting subfolders
/t - perform the operation on all files in all subdirectories
/c - do not interrupt the operation if errors occur

Additional prohibitions (add in parentheses separated by commas)

WD - you cannot modify existing files and add new ones to existing folders, you can add new folders with files

AD - you cannot modify existing files, you can add new ones, you cannot create folders

Newly created folders and files are not bans

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Add to folder context menu

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Remove from context menu

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The context menu should be called while holding Shift

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