Send a command line message to another user or computer

Send a message to the same computer

Messages can be sent both between a local user and remote desktop users, and between remote users.

Message to the user "Manager"

msg Manager /time 0 "Hello!"

Message to all users

msg * /time 0 "Hello!"

The / time key indicates after what time (in seconds) the message will be hidden from the user. 0 - will never be hidden. The default is 60.

Confirmation message. The command will not exit until the user to whom the message was sent clicks OK.

msg Менеджер /v /w /time 0 "Hello!"

Send a message to a computer on the local network

Everything is exactly the same as with sending messages between users of one computer, only with the indication of the name or IP address of the addressee's computer.

A message to the "Manager" user on a computer named "PC".

msg Менеджер /server:PC /time 0 "Hello!"

If the sender user does not have exactly the same account on the recipient's computer, then an error of the type:

Error XXX while getting session names

In this case, on the recipient's computer, you need to use the reg file that includes the parameter necessary for receiving messages.

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Also, the standard SMB port 445 must be open there.

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