Disable updates in Windows 10

Disable automatic updates We prohibit the "SYSTEM" account access to the file that is responsible for searching and downloading updates.

Enable automatic updates

In the Update Center, search and download can still be started manually. Completely disabling the update service Press Win +...

How to disable a Microsoft Defender in Windows 10

The Windows Defender Service runs under the SYSTEM account. We prohibit her access to the directory with the defender files (C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows Defender) and at boot the system will not be able to start it. Disable defender

Enable the defender

After applying the script,...

Open the port in the firewall in the command line

Create a rule in the firewall to allow incoming connections on port 12500 over TCP. For all types of network (private, public, domain). netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="port-12500" dir=in action=allow protocol=tcp profile=any localport=12500 Delete the created rule netsh advfirewall firewall delete rule name="port-12500" protocol=tcp...

Change drive letter

To get into disk management, select "Management" in the context menu "This computer" or press Win + R and enter: compmgmt.msc In the window that opens, go to "Disk Management". In the context menu of the required drive, click "Change drive letter ..." and then...

Show hidden files from the context menu

Add an item to the context menu that allows you to show or hide hidden files. The menu should be called with Shift pressed, from an empty space in the folder.

Get a hash sum of a file from the context menu

Add the hash sum calculation function to the file context menu. The result is displayed in the console window. For the item to be displayed in the menu, it must be called while holding Shift.

Computer shutdown timer

Setting the computer shutdown timer using the shutdown system console utility.