Device installation forbidden by system policy

The error can occur when installing devices with unsigned, digitally signed drivers or specifically forbidden by group policies. We delete from the registry the branch with all existing prohibitions on the installation of devices.

Disable automatic driver installation in Windows

Disable automatic installation of drivers by the system from Windows Update. Disable

Terminate process by name

The function force terminate process by its name.

Set process privileges to perform system operations

The function sets the specified or its own process, privileges, permissions to perform system operations of various types.

Take ownership of a file or folder

Take ownership of a file or folder by the SID (security identifier) ​​of the user or group.

Error codes of fiscal drives

Error codes of fiscal drives of cash registers. The codes do not depend on the CCP and will be the same at the box office of any manufacturer and model. Code Description Details 210 Error of exchange with FN at the interface level KKT cannot...

Is the program run as administrator

The function checks if the program is running as administrator. As if it were run as administrator from the context menu.

Remove Remote Desktop Panel (RDP)

To completely remove the remote desktop panel, select "Change" in the context menu of the connection file. In the settings window that opens, on the "Display" tab, uncheck the "Show connection panel ..." box. And then, on the "General" tab, save the connection parameters.  ...

Get the name of the owner of a file or folder

Get the name of the owner of the specified file or folder.