Control Windows account login

When the system boots, Windows can show when the account was last logged in, and if a password is set, it will show if there were any unsuccessful input attempts. <! - more -> Enable:


RAM test

RAM in Windows can be tested with a standard utility. Press Win + R, enter mdsched. After rebooting, the test will start automatically. By pressing F1, you can select a test option.k.

Replacing or deleting system files

If, when you try to delete or replace a file in the Windows\System32 folder, the system displays a message that you need to obtain permissions to perform the operation from some other account (not yours and not the administrators): This means that you are not...

LAN - access to another subnet

In a standard network configuration, computers or any other network devices located in different subnets, for example, if the address of one is and the other is will not be able to connect to each other. There are two ways to solve the...